Friday, June 15, 2012

Crochet Knee Rug

Now that the cooler weather is here, I like to sit in the evenings, whilst keeping DH company in front of the TV, doing handwork of sorts. What better way than to work on something that is keeping you warm at the same time! I started these flower squares last winter, but shelved it as the weather became warmer. It was a joy to hook the bag out and carry on with the project. I was totally smitten with these layered flowers when I saw them on my www travels and quickly tracked down a pattern and started on the flowers. I then thought, the flowers, as pretty as they are, are of no use to me, so decided to put them on top of squares, but worked out a way to crochet straight from the flower onto the square center and finish the square, so it was all in one. I'm no crochet expert, and don't have a rocket science degree, but managed to get it right and then started joining the squares together as I went along. I was surprised how quickly (ha-ha-ha, yes one year is quick for me!) it all went together and soon had my rug finished, but for the border. With the end in sight, the border did not take me long to do either! So now I sit at night, with the finished rug over me, snug and cozy and work on other projects, that hopefully won't take me another year to complete! I smile each time I look down at it and enjoy the 'prettiness' of the rug.
Brace yourself for another post showing you another project that finally was completed!

Taken in the late afternoon sunshine, hence shadows!

These four center squares had multi-layered flowers, but I
decided that it would take me more than 1 year to complete
with so many layers and switched to two layers!

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  1. I loved crocheting blankies and ponjo's when I was Haven't done so in ages as wool is so expensive nowadays. I also enjoyed knitting and really need to tackle a jersey for myself sometime soon. Your blanket is beautiful Moz. I love the cream background and the other colours just add to its prettiness. Your flowers look stunning in the middle of the block. Well done dear! hugs Sharon x


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