Monday, September 12, 2011

My Personal Footprint Socks!

In previous postings, I mentioned a new method of knitting socks, to me that is, where you used your footprint as a pattern, as you can see in the photograph.
Cat Bordhi has worked out this amazing method. It has taken me a good few months to get these socks off the needles, as I had to pay attention to the details to work out my pattern and this you cannot do with a running commentary relating to the sport on the TV, whilst knitting! However, I now have it sorted and just have to take my 'footprint' out to follow the pattern - well, truth be known, the book as well for a wee while longer owing to the demise of several brain cells!!
They fit like a glove and there is no 'pouchy' hangover around the shoe because of a loose sock. Love it! Thanks Cat - can't wait to get into the rest of the patterns in the book, but not whilst the Rugby World Cup is on the go!

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  1. Will be sending my footprints well in time for next winter, lol. they look FAB!~


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