Friday, July 1, 2011

The Cinderella Pail

From this......

to this.......

in one afternoon!
This is what I enjoy the most. I turned two ordinary plastic pails I bought from the local plastic shop for R3 each and turned them into these very pretty containers. It took 1 full sheet of scrapping paper and leftovers of several others to do this project. Other than double sided tape and hot glue, it cost nothing else to make.
A fair amount of die cutting and paper scrunching for the flowers and this is what turned out.

Below is a closer view of the one, butterfly side on.

and this is the other pail with a better view of the flower.

 I hope this will inspire you to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!
These will be used on the workshop table for the little waste bitties generated from my class on Saturday.
Might well lead to an extra class for pail decorating...... FUN!!


  1. This is fabulous Moz, just love this idea. Nice to fill with home-made cookies for the new neighbour or an ill friend... 2 gifts in 1. hugs Sharon

  2. Lovely Moz, I think I like Sharon's idea of a gift pail. Last year I decorated tins and filled with goodies, maybe this year it just might be pails filled with goodies. Have a lovely weekend and good luck with the class.

  3. Stunning!!!!! you are becoming so fantastically clever...............

  4. Shaz, that is exactly what I intend to do this Christmas. Fill it with my famous Brownies or Shortbread or biscuits!
    Plan ahead girls.....

  5. These are fabulously gorgeous! wow you clever girl, i know that next week i am off to our plastic shop to look for pails, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Just one word, STUNNING!!! Love this.
    Amelia X

  7. So pretty, creative and useful too! Love the flowers you made! The gals in class will be inspired!


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