Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank You MWEB...

My goodness! I had forgotten what life was like without the internet, and hey, I don't want to be without it! I've had a lay off, for several reasons, internet connections being only one of them, but have not been inactive craft wise. I have finished my CANSA project for Sharon's Run\Walk for Breast Cancer Survivors - read all bout it on her blog here and all I have to do is post them to her. It was a very emotional but satisfying project, as I lost my Mom to breast cancer in 1999 - and whilst you move on with your life, losing a Mom is not something you get over. So, this one is for you Mom, with my love.....
I decided to make something useful, that probably would be looked at everyday and be a reminder about how far the recipient has come, so ended up making really pretty bookmarks. I will be showing you, over the next few days, some pictures of these book marks and will start off with the picture of them all in a box, just after I had finished them.  
Thanks for the visit and keep well........

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