Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fairy Tangles!

Hello everyone! 

Thank you so much to all who sent get well wishes and hugs. Amazing what the power of prayer and caring from so many lovely folks can do. I am feeling so much better. The eyes are clear - YAY! - and the inflammation in the throat has settled. The chest is still a little 'gunky' but generally I'm feeling good.

Welcome to all my new followers as well! I'm truly humbled that you lovely people find something on my blog sufficiently interesting/inspiring that you wish to keep up to date with the postings! Thank you!

I cancelled my classes for this week as I had not been able to do any preps and was not sure how I would be feeling, so need to catch up in that department. Also to share just a little - changes are coming around in my little world and I am going to be doing what my heart has always been set on and should have done several years ago! Will share more soon.

For now, I'd like to show you the cards I sent out to two of my online Rubber Stamping Group ladies. We undertook to send out two cards for WCMD and I have already shared the two I have received. I had to wait until the second card reached it's destination before posting them on the blog as I did not want to spoil the surprise!

One of the ladies is crazy for Zentangles and I had recently come across a blog belonging to Norma J. Burnell called Fairy Tangles and yes, you guessed it, she tangles in her drawings. Until recently, her work was only available in red rubber, so I was holding back becasue of the cost of the stamps and then, some of them became available in Digital Format from Sweetpea Stamps, so I was able to buy a couple of them.

Here are the cards I sent out:
Poppy & Owl

Poppy and Flutters
I had so much fun coloring these images and know that I can improve immensely, so will keep at it till I'm happy!

There is a digi sale on at $3 each at Sweetpea Stamps right now, if you want to pop over and buy a few of these amazing works of art.

Thanks so much for the visit folks and once again a big Thank You for the care and kind messages!

Warm Hugz


  1. 2 amazing cards Moz dear. Just love them.

  2. Beautiful cards Moz, and I am the proud owner of one of them. Sorry to hear you weren't well, having had a bug myself I spent very little time on the PC last week. I am pleased you are starting to feel better, take it easy, I think these things just seem to be more difficult to get over these days. Looking forward to hearing your news. Hugs, Ursula

  3. Oh my goodness. Zentangle in stamp form. What next. Beautiful!

  4. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better dear heart. *smiles*

  5. Thank you for my beautiful card Moz, it was so beautifully coloured, so soft. I totally love it! So thrilled to hear that you are feeling better, I can sense a cup of coffee coming our way soon! Hugs to you xxx


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