Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Bear Room

I am so lucky to have a Bear room. My DH put up shelves for me in a corner and I found some awesome display boxes that we painted up and mounted on the wall for the small bearz. I have been collected bear trivia and have been making bearz for several years so I have accumulated a fair amount of the luv'z. Because of space constraints, I now only make small ones. I also have a good number of the luv'z in my craft room. They sit on the pelmet and keep an eye on me and my crafting endeavours. Just though I would share a little of my 'world'. Hugz


  1. Oh my goodness me Moz... all teddy lovers looking at your collection will feel as if they have died and gone to teddy What a stunning collection of your beautiful creations. What a DH you have to make those nice pigeon holes for you. Hugs Sharon

  2. i am blown away. i really don't know what to say. how long does it take you to make a bear? i am amazed. you really are very talented, Moz!!!

  3. How sweet your hubby is, my husband cant even hammer a nail in the wall, he he. They are sooooo beautiful Moz

  4. As Sharon said - Teddy Heaven! Beautiful!


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