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The 'Scoops'!

I'd like you to meet the 'Scoops' family. Recently Scoopy, the young man in the family, relocated to Cape Town and had to say good-bye to his family who remained at home. His Mom was so distraught she locked herself in her room and refused to come out for these family shots! It was a tearful goodbye, but knowing Scoopy was going to such a wonderful home and will have the most amazing little boy to play with, made it easy for the family to part with him. Here are a few shots of the 'good-byes' - grab a tissue!

Scoopy looking for a tissue!

Scoopy and his sister "TwoScoops" saying good-bye!

ScooDad getting a hug in with his two babies!

"OK, OK! I promise I'll come home to visit soon"

'Yes, ScooDad, I'll remember my manners and promise to
phone home often - look after ScooMom for me ScooDad,
I'll miss her so much!'

And so, Scoopy left for Cape Town from where he has Skyped his family. He is very happy and would really like some of his family to relocate, so if you know anyone who wants a ScoopyBear, please contact Aunty Moz and arrange it with her. It would be awesome to have family nearby Scoopy!


Maxine and Harper!

Us girls can't get enough of the camera!

Oh my word Harper! Diet time......

Ok, that's enough now! I'll have to start charging for these
photo shoots......

Right, so you've got your passport, where's mine??



There seems to be a lot of girls being born lately! Another commission for a sweet baby girl soon to be born to South African and British parents.

Miss Jaymi has just completed the first leg of her journey and I am sure she will be welcomed into her new home with lots of love!

Miss Jaymi with her 'Onsie' card just prior to starting on her

Miss Jaymi showing off her pretty rosebud adornment.



Another commission for a soon to be born baby girl!
 Molly is 50% Scot and 50% South African so perhaps she is a Scot African....??   Molly has arrived in Cape Town and will continue her journey from there. 

All settled in her lovely box with card prior to leaving
for Cape Town!

50% Scot & 50% South African, but
100% Molly!



Harper was commissioned as a gift for a new born little girl called Maxine, who lives in Cape Town. 
These bears for babies are totally child proof, with safety eyes and no hardware inside the bear that could hurt the baby. They are fully washable, made out of 100% Cotton, Tea dyed by myself, so no chemicals are involved.

The parents of little Maxine are of Mauritian and South Africa Heritage, hence the flags on Harper's feet. Harper is 30cm tall, soft and floppy and filled with polyfill and lots of love!

These bears are personalised on request, come with a card ready to fill in and beautifully boxed, ready to be presented to the recipient. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about little Harper. Should you have any queries, please don't hesitate to email me - link on the side bar!
Thanks for the visit!

Harper, ready to travel!

Wearing my 'heritage' on my feet!

Oh dear, I can hardly keep my eye's open.....



A sweet lass I used to work with, is having her third baby this month. I was working with her when she had the other two little boys and just had to make her a little something for this new baby boy expected shortly!
I used my usual 'baby bear' pattern and dressed him up with lime green and white trimmings. Candice was totally thrilled with Lenny and she may well have to hide him away from Levi and Michael so that the new baby can play with him, when he is a little older!

Lenny with his cute leather nose!

Side view - such a sweetie!

Getting ready for a nap!




Wendy forwarded this photo of Cole with GJ, that his Mum sent to her. I was so thrilled to see the bear with the little man and am blessed by Wendy sharing photo's of her precious grandson with me so often! Thank you Wendy!
On duty! I need to watch over my master......
Now, read all about GJ and Cole......
GJ was commissioned as a baby shower gift from the Granny-to-be and was shipped to the U.S.A.. You can work out the babies heritage by the flags on the foot pads of GJ.
This bear was made 'baby friendly' by using safety eyes that were also secured from within, tea dyed cotton towelling, no joints hardware, all thread jointed with soft fibrefill inside the body. He was a joy to make and I'm very pleased to say, that the orders for these personalised bears are certainly coming in and I am delighted!
GJ all ready to travel, with his case behine him,
staying with the gingham theme!

The thought of the long trip is so tiring, the lids are drooping!

A quick nap before the departure!

A cute card from the Grandparents for the baby shower.



This adorable little lady is 9cm tall and made out of Sparse Mohair. She is filled with polyfibre and lots of love!  She has a wobbly cotter pin jointed neck and her limbs are thread jointed. She has black German glass eyes and stunning lashes!
Her nose is my unique black leather creation. Chloe has a pearl studded lace dress on and is wearing a lovely string of pearls and a pretty bandanna with a bow and flower.
She also has a little heart charm that reads 'Made with Love", which of course she is!

Such a sweetheart!!


Jenna is a 30cm tall bent legged lady bear, made out of Schulte Alpaca fur. She has big Olive Green eyes with stunning lashes and delicate shading around the eyes. Her nose is  unique and made out of black leather. Her paw and foot pads are made out of suede and her foot pads have Swarovski Crystals embedded in them. A girl can never have too much bling!! She is also wearing an Amethyst tear drop necklace and a 'Made with love" silver heart tag. Of course a girl also has to have pink accessories and hers are roses and beautiful spotted ribbon. 



This is my new 'December' baby ~ meet George!
"I'm looking for the mistletoe......"

 George is a 9cm tall bear, made out of Sassy Long Pile bear fabric, filled with pollyfill and lots of love!
Totally hand stitched with suede foot and paw pads, disc jointed neck and thread jointed limbs. He is wearing a snazzy hand knitted waistcoat with tiny hand made button closures.

'Mom, am I really that adorable??"

I was asked by the owner of the shop to make a small bear or a customer. I am sure that George will be moving in with her when she sees this little at first sight!



I was asked to make another toweling bear for a baby and put the flags on the paw pads just as I did for Bumble earlier in the year. This time it was Namibian and U.S.A. flags.
I hand dyed the toweling and cut out and hand stitched the darling bear. She is stuffed with pollyfill, plastic pellets and lots of love! 
She has black glass eyes securely stitched with sinew, a beautiful black cotton nose and mouth. The picture above, shows her guarding her travelling companions - fruit cakes - before departing to Cape Town.
Here is another photo of Polly sporting lovely pink bows above her ears and a big gingham bow around her neck.
I am not sure where she will be living, but know that she will be well loved by her new owner!



Is she not so precious??

A dear friend of mine in the USA asked me to make a special bunny-bear for her granddaughter who is performing in her first Ballet in June. It would be a special surprise and a memento of this special occasion.
Wendy saw photo's on my blog of Christy and fell in love with her, so I used the same Monica Spicer Pattern, but made up in white Cashmere Mini Bear Fabric.
A close up of the Swarovski Crystals on her feet, with her ribbon ballet shoes.

Another Swarovski crystal in her princess crown.
 Honey is wearing a 4 tiered tu-tu, with lots of glitter and sparkle on one of the pieces of tulle.

I recycled a tin I had received with Honey jewelery in.
It was ideal as Honey has magnets in her foot pads and can stand on the tin.
Little keepsakes can be stored in the tin.

I made a special card, which will be on my front page and also covered a box for Honey, her keepsake tin and the card to fit into, and with a kiss, said good-bye and wished Honey much happiness with her new Mom, Trista.
Honey was parceled up and is ready for posting to the USA in the morning.

Such a pleasure to make, for a friend who always goes the extra mile for me!
Bless you Wendy!
All ready to be parceled up and shipped to Trista!



 How sweet is this little chap?

He was made to order for a little fella due to arrive in April.

Robby has been Adopted.



It's been a while since I made a bear.
 Life seemed to get in the way!

Meet Christie!

Christie is a 13cm tall Bunny-bear, hand stitched from Sassy mini bear fabric and is filled with Polyfill and lots of love!

Note the crystals in the paw pads!
 Christie has the most amazing green eyes with lovely long eyelashes an gentle shading around the eyes. Her nose is pink ultra suede.

Look at my lovely bushy white tail!
She has a pretty pink bow in her 'hair' and is wearing a lovely pink crystal necklace on a gold chain.

Christie has been adapted from a pattern by the very talented and generous Monica Spicer in Australia. A really caring, helpful lady, whose talent and enthusiasm for bear making is spread around the world and she has been my mentor and friend throughout my bear making career. I really appreciate you, Monica!


Please contact me should you be interested.

Exciting News

If you are a bear artist or just a collector, you may have come across the name
Monica Spicer. I am a huge fan and have been lucky enough to have been in contact with Mon over the years and she has been the most generous, kind person who loves to share her talent and expertise with all bear makers. Many a time I have asked advice and have always received a wonderful response to my query.
Mon has a website -  
and has now set up another blog where she shares her fantastic tutorials.
Everyone, no matter now experienced a bear maker you are, will benefit from her amazing expertise.
Do pop over to and see for yourself, the amount of trouble Mon has gone to, in order to make her tutorials easy to follow.
Whilst visiting her Monica's Attic Treasurers blog, do take a look at her amazing Reborn dolls. I called my husband to look at the picture of her latest 'baby' and he said that I had not mentioned that Mon has had a baby! That's how realistic they are - you will NEVER believe that they are Mon's creations and not real.
No doubt you have realised that Mon is my mentor and a very special friend and I'm blessed that she is so kind and helpful to me.
Thank you and Bless you Mon!



A very special lady in Cape Town asked me to make a very special bunny bear for her. She saw one I had made previously on my blog and wanted one just like 'Hun".
Shazi Hun is made out of a Cashmere Mohair mix which is a dream to work with. She is 11 cm tall, with black glass eyes that have delicate shading around them. Her nose is made out of pale pink chamois suede and her ears are bendable, as they have flexible wire in them.
She has magnets in her feet to help her stand on her own, as you can see below. She is posing on a lovely vintage style tin that has delicious sweeties inside!
I am delighted to report that she landed safely in Cape Town and has joined her new Momma in her crafting studio. She has taken a little bit of my heart with her, but I know she is in a very loving home and all the kisses she gets will make her, and me, very happy indeed!


Tina watching the Koi bask in the winter sunshine.

If a Duchess can wear one, so can Tina!
Isn't her 'Fascinater' adorable?

Meet Tina.
Tina is a 12 cm tall lady bear made out of Alpaca Mohair mix with ultra suede foot and paw pads. Tina has beautiful black eyes and gently shaded 'eye shadow'.As with all my bears, she has a unique black leather nose. Tina is filled with pollyfill and steel shot in her feet for weight, as well as magnets that help her pose unaided! Her foot pads are sculpted and shaded. Her outfit is made out of American cotton fabric with dainty lace detail and organza ribbon. Her 'fascinater' is made out of matching lace, organza ribbon and a beautiful rose to match the colour of her outfit.
Tina has a heart charm that reads "Made with Love", as all my bears wear and are made with - Lots of love!
Tina is an open edition. Should you wish to adopt a sister, please contact me via the main page.




Rosy is a 12cm bear made out of distressed curly beige mohair.
She is fully disc jointed and has magnets in her feet to help her stand alone.
Beautiful black glass eyes, gently airbrushed shaded, are framed with delightful eyelashes.
She has my unique black leather nose, also with airbrush shading around it.
Rosy is dressed in a gorgeous lace creation with silk ribbon hand made roses and is wearing a beautiful tulle bow with silk ribbon hand made roses in the centre. Don't forget a lady is never dressed without her string of pearls, and Rosy is no exception.




I have made another bunny ~ can't resist them and this pattern in particular.
Her name is 'Bonny" ~ not surprised, are you!
She is made out of Sassy fabric that I bought from Honeydew Bears. Michelle also sells Monica Spicer patterns and kits and is always so helpful and efficient. Do pop over to her website and see what she has to offer!




Yes, I have been busy with more bunnies!
The one's on the left and right are adapted from an original pattern by Monica Spicer.
 I reduced the original pattern as I love making smaller bears/bunnies.
I am her biggest fan. Her patterns never cease to amaze me!
Both these bunnies are made up using Sassy bear fabric I bought from Honeydew Bears in Johannesburg. Michelle brings it into the country and it is so nice to buy locally rather than the schlep of international postage etc. Cheaper as well. Both have black glass eyes and eyelashes and are shaded with Copic markers. I use leather or ultra suede for the noses, rather than embroider them. It has become my 'trade mark'. I also shaded their cheeks and feet.
The middle bunny, Hunny, was featured in another post. Scroll down for details. All these bunnies have magnets in their feet to help them stand alone.

All these bunnies have been
If you are interested in ordering one, please contact me via my main page.
Thank you for visiting & please leave a comment - I love to hear from you!



Sally is a 30cm tall bear made out of long pile Schulte Mohair and has felt foot and paw pads. She is fully disc and bolt jointed. Her eyes are black glass and has gently shaded sockets. Her nose is my unique black leather shiny nose - I lust love these noses and cannot bring myself to embroider noses again! She is filled with polyfill and lots of love!

Both Sally and Buzz are off to Cape Town to share a lovely new nursery with a still to be born baby. They were bought by a very proud to be - almost - Granny, and I know they are going to share lots of love with baby!





Buzz is 30cm tall, made out of long curly Schulte Mohair, with a contrasting snout, that was tea dyed to compliment the main colour mohair. He is fully disc and bolt jointed and is filled with pollyfill and lots of love. His paw and foot pads are made out of good quality felt. The eyes are black glass and the sockets are gently shaded. The nose is my unique black leather nose, polished and shiny! He has the most appealing eyes - you cannot look at him without wondering what he is trying to say with those eyes. Of course, he could be moaning about that pesky bee buzzing around on his head!


and is off to Cape Town with Sally!



Hunny is 10cm tall, from tips of toes to tips of ears! Her body is only 7,5cm but has rather large ears that make up the difference in the height. She is made out of frosted Sassy mini bear fabric and has ultra suede paw pads with sculpted toes. She has a pink ultra suede nose and black onyx eyes with shading around them. She has sculpted facial features and is stuffed with pollyfill and lots of love.
She has a lovely fluffy tail, as you can see below!


Please click on the email link on my main page if you are interested!
Thanks for the visit!
Bunny Hugz


Jonty is a 6,5cm tall bear made out of Sassy fabric. The fabric has a dark backing with lovely gold coloured fur. He has Ultrasuede footpads with magnets inserted, so that he can stand steady! His very appealing glass eyes are delicately shaded. Of course he has my signature leather nose. He is wearing a hand knitted jumper with a fairisle patterned stripes.




 Meet Lolly!

She has been adapted from a pattern by Christine Healey from Real Deal Bears.
She is a 12 cm tall bear made out of sparse Sassy Mohair that has been trimmed on the face. Her eyes are black glass  and  have been shaded. Her nose is black leather - cute hey?
She has Ultrasuede paw and foot pads and on her left paw she has a little charm heart that says 'Made with Love.' She is filled with pollyfill.
One 100% hand stitched, with lots of love!
Her dress is hand knitted from a pattern also from Christine and the little head band has a hand made yellow silk rose made by Moi!




My cousin in-law asked me to make her twin grand daughters, Kogie bearz. The girls were asked to write me a letter giving me their favorite colours and the bears trimmings and I made these to their specifications. They are soft and cuddly, filled with fibrefill and plastic pellets and as the girls put it, 'skwishy'! The purple one had to have a sunflower by her ear. We hope to visit Durban soon, and will leave them with their Granny.
I hope it will be love at first cuddle.
Below is a picture of the twin bearz with their cousin Kogie - a last cuddle before being packed up ready for delivery.



She is 20cm standing, but prefers to sit!
Made out of Kohair, the softest cuddly fabric available for bears, in snow white.
She is a squishy bear, filled with polyester, plastic pellets and heaps of love!
She has dark brown glass eyes, and embroidered nose and a lovely turquoise ribbon around her neck.
I have an order for two more - they will be in colours and I will post pictures of them when I have completed them.

Such a cuddly hunny!



  1. She's adorable Moz. Can't wait to see her brothers and sisters. hugs Sharon x

  2. What a gorgeous little bear is Kogie. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your bear family. Good luck also with the proposed venture,you would do well, Hope all goes well with your specialist visit on Wed. Warm wishes.

  3. She is so gorgeous, I could never part with these precious bears! Hugs x

  4. Oh, she is gorgeous, Moz. I am a keen collector of bears and have recently purchase a "German" bear in Berlin during a visit to Germany - I can't walk pass them. I will definitely watch this space for your lovely bears!
    Amelia x

  5. Lolly is adorable Moz. I am sure you'll soon find a happy home for her! I still have my first Teddy that I made. Couldn't bear to part with him! I have about 9 in my collection right now.

  6. How on earth can you part with Lolly, Moz. Those lovely eyes will hunt you forever! She is stunning.
    Amelia X

  7. Oh I just love the colour of Ben's fur, and he is so dashing in his fair isle jumpers. Lovely Moz. thanks for letting us meet Ben.

  8. They are all too beautiful! I want all of them!!!

  9. Bonny and Buzz are my favourites. The expression on their faces especially Buzz is so adorable.

  10. Moz your bears are great!!! Think I might just like to learn ..... So little time so much to do!!! Maybe I should just adopt them all. Looking forward to working with you. Mari

  11. Love George, such a handsome little fella!
    Amelia x

  12. Moz, you are incredible....what an incredible idea!!!!!


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